Writer Asks Why Black People Forgive R. Kelly but Not Sandusky

R. Kelly is Forgiven, but Sandusky Isn't?

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  1. I’m confused..R Kelly did not rape little boys. He should not have been with the girls and that was wrong but they were also willing and this doesn’t make what he did right. This Sandusky (sp) man has ruined the lives of boys. I’m no fan of R Kelly for what he has done but clearly Sandusky committed a much more horrible crime than did R Kelly. Sandusky if you want some “a” action the least you could have done was to have found you grown man who wanted the same. What makes a crazy fool want a little boy? Oh I know a demon from hell…a sick demonic spirit is what it is. I volunteer to administer your punishment (and I will pay to do it) which would include 10 years in jail. Lorena Bottit was a pussy cat compared to me. I would take that thing off good and slow with a carving knife or something sharpe. Maybe lay it out, add some cheese on the end and let a nasty rat feed for awhile. Put it back in your pants, let the drippings drop where they may. Repeat this process every day until there is nothing left. A scum bag like you doesn’t need it if you don’t know what to do with it. I’m sure this is nothing compared to the pain and suffering your victims went through and maybe still going through.

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