Mother Arrested for Tricking Daughter Into Posing Nude on Skype

A mother in Massachusetts is being charged after she allegedly forced her daughter to pose nude, hoping that she could win $20,000 in a mother-daughter bikini photoshoot.  Ann Lussier is being accused of forcing her child to strip down to her bra and panties while a man watched on Skype.

The mother and daughter were able to see the man, who claimed that his camera was broken.

"The parent had to show the man what both she and the Victim looked like with no clothes on, reportedly so he could see the shape of their bodies," according to court records.

The mother told her sister how frustrated her daughter was about the incident and the sister contacted police.  After a month-long investigation, they made their arrest.  Also arrested was Joshua Dunfee of Oxford Junction, Iowa.

"There are sickos out there, and they let them go. But I get locked up. I’m a victim," the mother said during an interview.


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  1. That is a disgrace to parade your child in front of a perverted sick man like that. She should go to jail and stay there. What kind of a victim is she a victim of greed? I am thankful to God the victim’s sister told the police.

  2. It’s almost unbelievable that this child abusing woman claims she’s a victim after this! She needs to be locked up and stay locked up.

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