Jennifer Hudson Gets Nasty on Twitter: Users Says Her Fiance is Gay and That She Had Weightloss Surgery

Jennifer Hudson twitter fight

Your Black World reports.

Jennifer Hudson became unlady-like when a Twitter follower made disparaging remarks about fiance, David Otunga, claiming that he is gay.  The user also asked Jennifer if she’d had weightloss surgery rather than simply using Weight Watchers, as she has claimed.

The typically polite singer got angry with the follower, telling her “don’t ask me no more dumb a** questions,” and that she would come show her some of her “southside.”  The back-and-forth is below:

jennifer hudson twitter fight


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  1. Whoa whoa WHOA! Why are people so hateful?? What is it to you to insult the person and her fiance? Come on! That was so uncalled for.

  2. People underestimate Jennifer. That woman’s endured what some people won’t endure for a lifetimes. Donot think because she’s soft -spoken and mildmannered that’s she’s anybody’s push over. I admire Jennifer for her courage and honesty. What and whom she dates is her personal business nona yourns.

  3. She just mad because her life is not right. The devil will always send his goons to try and still a child of Gods joy. Where is her fiance, if she never had to loose weight good for her. And if she did have surgery. She didn’t pay for it, why is so into her personal business. Miss Hudson has been through a lot. You lost family and all. She is a strong women to me, to keep going on after loosing her loved one’s like she did. I’m a pray that, that hater find love in her heart. Cause she need to dipped into some holy water to get them demons off her behind. Stay blessed Ms Hudson

  4. It sounds like this person is a hater and a stalker because she is all up in Jennifer Hudson’s business how do you really know all these things without stalking or some type of obsession. Regardless how Jennifer lost her weight, she still looks good and is an awesome singer and she is looking good and is very successful. This person obviously doesn’t have these things that have been added unto Jennifer and won’t get it with a bad attitude. You go Jennifer and don’t entertain non-sense. But you definetly have a very envious person hating or obsessed about your life.

  5. Is Jennifer Hudson another Star Jones? Star jones lied about how she lost weight and destroyed her career. There were also allegations that Star Jones’ husband, Al Reynolds was gay. She divorced him and is now flying by the seat of her pants in the entertainment world that is no longer welcoming to her. Star Jones has such a sharp legal mind. Why doesn’t she do something constructive with her knowledge like practice law. Here I believe Jennifer Hudson had weight loss surgery. She is working that weight watchers money for all she can. I do not believe that Jennifer Hudson was disciplined to lose 100 pounds and she is not a size 0. She has a large frame and will never fit in a size 0. I am sick and tired of the weight watcher commercials because I believe that she is misleading people with the premise that she has lost all that weight without gastric bypass.

    • I agree with you 1000 percent.

      • She is not being truthfull abou her weight loss.

      • I agree with you too! I use to weigh 115 when I came into the military at age 22 years old. I finally started gaining weight at age 40. I’m 44 years old and I weigh 190lbs. I work out faithfully everyday for 2 hours doing cycling class for 1 hour and elliptical machine for another hr. and I even changed my diet and don’t eat after 7:00pm and its taking me forever to lose weight. Remember I never ever been over 200lbs or weigh any close to Jennifer Hudson. I know for sure she had surgery because it takes a long time to lose weight naturally. I know someone who had that surgery done and they are so skinny they look very ill looking like Star Jones was looking. That weigh watcher stuff is a hoax and she is getting paid to endorse them. Just like Janet Jackson. No one wants to work out and go through pain and suffering while working out. I hate when someone like her misleads society on esp black females. She is a damn lier. Her fat ass had that surgery and Im not jealous of her. She is in Hollywood and have celebrity weight loss just like all those overweight stars are having. Everyone goes through a loss in life. She is no different than anyone else. Her music is not doing well at all.

    • You may be right about all of that, and maybe there is something she’s not telling the media but still, that doesn’t give the twitter follower the right to insult Jennifer. Whether she lost the weight the natural way or had gastric bypass is her business. Bashing her is not going to make us rich. She’s the one rolling in the dough. Just saying 😐

      • Her husband’s sexual orientation, if that’s an issue, is her business but if she had gastric bypass, that makes her and Weight Watchers liars. Now that tweet is fair game.

    • I agree – and it left her head looking too big for her body.

  6. If she knew what I know, she’d consider that “warning” about the future husband a ‘love-and-kisses’ wish from a good friend. I wish someone had loved me enough to warn me … then, after I DID find out, all of my friends had the nerve enough to tell me that they feared I would be angry and cut off my friendship with them.

    They knew all along and didn’t bother to tell me, and none of them were “surprised” when I discovered it.

    If my name was Fran Drescher, I suppose I’d have found it funny … or at least worth trying to make some money from for my troubles.

    If J-Hud is getting a “warning,” she might want to take a deeper look rather than totally dismissing it. It may be the fiancee’s former boyfriend under cover …

    As to ‘how’ she lost her weight … W.C.? What we DO know is that she isn’t a “size Zero” unless someone’s making up size charts with just her name written on them. Other than that, she looks dang good, LOL.

  7. I can’t understand why someone would get so upset, bothered or even question how someone lost weight. Why would you care? I would think that you would have more of a compassion for her considering what she’s gone through. Remember all of you who are judging Jennifer, karma is a bitch you reap what you sow, COUNT ON IT!!! Even if she did have surgery to lose the weight that she’s claiming to have lost with Weight Watchers. Why not focus on how strong she is and how she over came that whole issue with the death of her family and the way it happened. To sit and read some of the blogs here shows me how spiritually handicap some people are in our society.

  8. This whole thing is what’s wrong with Black people. We always have to get into bashing people who have done positive things. Jennifer!!!! people on Twitter are not your friends! YOUR FRIENDS know the numbers where you can be reached. Please do not allow some one who means absolutely nothing to you to get you upset and keep you upset. My friend used to say, “Why 2 fools when one will do!” Let someone else say and do the fool and no one will doubt who the fool is. I can only imagine the amount of negative, ignorant questions and comments you have had to endure during your entrance into the public eye, find peace in Is 66:21-22, James 5:11, Cor 13:4-7.

  9. jennifer I think you are an awesome person and entertainer.

    Love P

  10. After all He has carried you through, don’t let this get you distracted. You look great and you are being a healthy role model for your child.

  11. Folks please leave Star Jones out of this mess, Star is not hurting for money or social standings. She can do what ever she want’s to do. So please stick to the J.Hudson article.

  12. thats f** up! everyone is so dis respectful these days guess she got her 5 mins of ignorant fame huh she needs to get a life jennefer shud went in on her so strong id a call the h** out on a radio show and tol her to call up ida chewed that b**** up so small ida had to swallow her up and sh** her out yea im pissed ! jenn if from my town and that girl has build her career and doin her and u got som raggady ann h** dnt hav nothn else to do but bother jen???? get a life bi***!

  13. I’m sick and tired of the commercials. It has overplayed itself so much that now she sounds like she is whinning. I also got sick of Valerie Bertinelli too. I got sick of her seeing her and all that sniggling at – nothing – These performers have no idea how damaging these commercials can be to their careers. I used to really like Bertinelli, thought she was a really good actress but the commercials have made her (both of them) hasbeens.

  14. Jennifer Hudson was arrogant when she was heavier and her head and knees fit her body.I never liked her,some songs were decent.People mourn differently but had that been my family killed that way,I’d still be balled up in a corner some where.Fell in love with her goodlooking,whatever real quick,got knocked up quicker. Make him sign a PRENUP!!!

  15. Hey! I think its very immature for the both if them to go back forth, because we as Black women need to be uplifting each other instead of calling each other names, threatening one another. It said because Life is to short and her husband and weight loss is a beautiful thing, the person who is attacking her with such hard words you are probably a beautiful person as well. What is Ugly about the both if is the comments and back n forth to each other, so let’s embrace each other with Love and Kind words and stay out if each others personal Lives! Be Bless

  16. I applaud Jennifer Hudson for her talent and her weight loss. She’ll be able to get more movie roles, now that she is slender. Her sleeping arrangements are not my business or anyone else’s.


    It’s an shame how people hate on each other,can’t say anything good to save their own life’life is too short!,some people just don’t get it!,work on your own life!”you won’t have time to bash anyone else’s!i wish black people would stop the madness!

  18. Stay out of her business. If there’s any truth to any of it so what!!!!

  19. I couldn’t agree more so what? You see this same sort of bashing of our President and it is really sad. The Tea Partiers and hard right wing conservatives don’t need to do anything, but sit back and watch us destroy each other for for them. What has happened to us? Some of our forefathers I am sure, restlessly turn over in their graves; for they cannot believe how hateful we’ve become to each other. Let us wish the sister well no matter what and continue to encourage one another.

  20. Cherease Watkins

    I just wonder why she got so upset when she was ask if she had weight loss surgery. It seems to me the follower only went off after Jennifer did. Could it be she is not telling the whole truth? Joy Behar called her out on the View as well. She claim she just decided to lose weight while pregnant, yet Joy pointed out it was for her role as Minnie Mandela. She looked at her like she wanted to slap her…At the end of day, Jennifer should have handled it better, She is a spokeperson for weight watchers. People ar gonna start rumors, say mean things, She should know this by now. Why exactly when you have a Oscar & a Grammy you would be back & forth with a nobody on Twitter…Both are wrong for the way they handled it. This is why the sterotype for us black women exists…Get it together my beautiful black sisters!!!

  21. she is in denial. She had surgery. She cannot control her hunger so she had to do something about it. Look at all her family members. They were all obese. Genetically her child will also have this problem. She can be a role model all she want to. Genes are there and they are there to stay. She’s not happy or content with herself so she wants to be skinny. Being obese is ugly. She know damn well she had her stomach reconstructed. Whoever think other wise is dumb, stupid, and ignorant. Use your damn common sense. No one can lose weight that quick especially after pregnancy. Her fat ass is to lazy to work out. why is she still engage after having a baby out of wedlock. So called christian. They all sinners. Please know that Im not jealous of her. I don’t care how much money she has either. You can’t take money with you once you die. I had a tough time to in life and some losses to crime. Jennifer Hudson is no different than anyone else. She needs to quit lying about her weight loss and admit the truth. I know her fat ass had surgery. She is getting paid by weight watchers to lie about her weight loss. She is part of the illuminati by confessing a white lie. Weight watchers paid her money to tell a white lie. They paid her to lose the weight and trust me not natural weight loss because that will take way too long. A child of God tells the truth so she cannot possible be that. Again she is just like Star Jones and the rest of those overweight obese hollywood stars that lie about how they lost their weight. In my opinion she will always be fat and prone to all those risk factors because hereditary and race is something you can never ever change. Ask yourself this question? Why is her sister still obese. Why did she not come on board with Jennifer Hudson because she wants to eat but not like a bird. Jennifer Hudson had gastric bypass surgery. Please do not be fool by those weight watcher commercials.

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