Cee Lo Green’s Lollapalooza Performance Called “Disappointing”

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It appears that Cee Lo Green didn’t exactly impress the crowd at the Lollapalooza 20th Anniversary.  USA Today’s music critic gave him a poor review, citing technical difficulties and a less-than-inspiring outcome.  Here’s what they had to say:

Cee Lo loves a bold costume, and the duds selected for his set — spike and chain-accented black shoulder pads and black skirt for him; various S&M ensembles for the all-female backing band — definitely stood out. While gleeful kiss-off F— You predictably inspired an enthusiastic response, much of Green’s set didn’t, not even Crazy, so beloved at the 2006 Lolla when it was performed by Gnarls Barkley, The Raconteurs and Kanye West. Green repeatedly blamed technical difficulties for awkward pauses and a do-over of Crazy, although the song sounded like it was off to a good start initially. Large pockets of the crowd lost interest and Green’s apparent frustration seemingly drained his enthusiasm and further damaged the performance. When a busy arrangement of Crazy (reminiscent at one point of a spaghetti western score) segued into Moby’s Natural Blues, Green stood there, lifeless. And when F— You turned into Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, Green let the band and crowd do the heavy lifting, a missed opportunity to hear that rich soul voice of his dive into such an iconic song. With 12 minutes still remaining on his set time, Green called it a night.

The critic did go on to praise Eminem for showing up and showing out, being in a league of his own:


If the Secret Service ever needs new agents, they should consider interviewing the folks at Lolla who handled security for Eminem. Even Farrell’s manager and Kakacek from Smith Westerns ran into some trouble trying to access the artist lounge behind the stage.

Maybe this was a tad much for a guy who’s not a president. But judging from the tens of thousands stretched far back in Grant Park, Eminem is in a league of his own.

That applies to his talent as well. From set opener Won’t Back Down through grand finale Lose Yourself, the man born Marshall Mathers was nothing short of a force Saturday. Rhymes raced from his throat like soldiers charging into battle. Veins bulged on his neck and on his temple, looking ready to burst. An excellent, melodic live band upped the intensity and indicated this show would accept no compromises.


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  1. Cee Lo is a “One Hit Wonder”!

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