Man Confesses to Having Sex with a Cat, Then Tossing It Out the Window


An Iowa man faces several charges after he threw a cat from a seventh story window with his pants down.   Police were called when neighbors said that the man had exposed himself and threw the cat from the window.  Police found the cat, who later died from his injuries.

The man answered the door with no shirt and his pants down.  He admitted to police that he was a Meth user, but claimed that he didn’t have a cat.  He later admitted that he did have a cat, but that it was his boyfriend who threw the cat out the window.  Finally, 29-year old Gerardo Martinez admitted to having sex with the cat before discarding it.

Martinez has been charged with animal torture, bestiality and indecent exposure, for which he can get up to five years in jail.


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  1. How can a man get life for drugs no violence and a mad man like this can only get five years {the Max } for such torture and death.

  2. This type of news has no bearing on the state of Black America there isn’t a problem in my mind ,I basically already know what culture this person comes from and really wasn’t interested in him having relations with a cat at the least I am more interested in what can be done about people who have this mind-set who elude to the fact of hating other ethnic backgrounds, now that’s scary to me!

  3. I can’t believe they are speaking of five years to this person. How can any human being drop to this level as to rape an animal and then stand there to show himself. What had he drank, smoked, etc; I can’t be leave he was sane doing such a thing. Let us pray for him as well as for others that performs such sick things. Part of me wants to say lynch him, while the other part of me wants to just continue t cry out t the Lord for him. This kind can only be healed through fasting and praying. God what’s next?

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