Missy Elliot Opens Up about Child Hood Abuse and Poverty in Her Life

By JasmineHughes

Acclaimed rapper-producer Missy Elliott is now opening up about her painful childhood of poverty and sexual abuse.

In VH1’s latest episode of Behind The Music, which premiered earlier this summer, Elliott reveals that she grew up impoverished with her mother and father in Portsmouth,Virginia.

“I remember having mice in the house and my father taking some newspaper and beating me, because mice was running on me while I was asleep,” she revealed.

According to Elliott’s mother, Patricia Elliott, things were so bad that the family went without running water and a bathroom.

“We didn’t have running water … We were going in a pot that sat by her bed, because we didn’t have a bathroom,” said Patricia Elliott.

During the episode, Elliott also discussed her life-threatening bought with the autoimmune illness Graves disease and shared her story of sexual abuse. She candidly revealed that at the age of 8, she was molested by her 16-year-old cousin. The abuse continued for the next year, but Elliott says that at the time she never told anyone and the memories of the abuse still haunt her to this day.

“Each day he wanted me to come to the house after school. It became sexual, which, for me at eight years old, I had no clue what that was, but I knew something was wrong,” explained Elliott. “Being molested … it don’t disappear. You remember it as if it was yesterday,”

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  1. what a haunting story!

  2. Every time I hear another celebrity come out and share their pain, it’s another reason to change the laws regarding childhood sexual abuse. It’s not just celebs suffering. For every 1 celeb who tells their story, there are100,000 who’s story may never be heard.

  3. Note to editor: “…discussed her life-threatening bought with the autoimmune illness Graves disease…” Bout, not bought! Er — you do have an editor, don’t you?

  4. She is a strong woman to survive this. Sexual abuse will stay with you for the rest of your life. I watched Unsung on TVOne. It featured Billy Preston. And he was sexually abuse about eight or nine years old and he never got over it. It show tell how his life sprial down because of the abuse. He was a very talented musician. And it also stated that he had sex with men. Had he not been abuse as a child maybe his life would have been different.

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